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1173 Mark Bellamy - Ray Ferrett Diggers Cricket ClubKnockout ShieldGF 1 Diggers Blue
281 David Stretton - Mark Bellamy Diggers Cricket ClubFourth Grade7 1 Coffs Colts Red
3142 James Bellamy - Russell Gardner Diggers Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Coffs Colts
4110 Ben Oliver - Adam Groves Diggers Cricket ClubThird Grade10 1 Urunga
5115 Tony Atkinson - Harper Simpson Diggers Cricket ClubFourth Grade7 1 Coffs Colts Red
652 Harper Simpson - Finn Martin Diggers Cricket ClubKnockout ShieldSF 1 Coffs Colts White
758 Lachlan Carlyle - Ryan Cross Diggers Cricket ClubFourth Grade5 1 Diggers Blue
891 Ray Anderson - David Stretton Diggers Cricket ClubFourth Grade16 1 Coffs Colts Red
972 Greg Simpson - Nisar Ali Yaqubi Diggers Cricket ClubFourth Grade14 1 Diggers Maroon
1052 Bradley Carey - Brendan Cunningham Diggers Cricket ClubSecond GradePF 1 Sawtell Blue

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